RUDY – Feature – 2022

RUDY is fifteen years old and loves to skateboard.  Living with her dad, sister and brother on a farm in rural Warwickshire, England, Rudy has become the proxy parent, filling the gap of her mother, who died a few years back.  When money becomes an issue, Rudy’s father opens the farm up as a Bed and Breakfast. Their first guest, an impossible 80 year old woman, drives Rudy crazy. She takes refuge with trips to Coventry with her beloved skateboard, and hangs out with her new friend Luke.  Luke and Rudy cook up a plan to run away together, only then is Rudy forced to face her father and their unspoken wounds. 

Starring Esther McCormick & Darren Day

Directed by Shona Auerbach

Cinematographer  Graeme Dunn

Music by Akira Kosemura

108mins  2022

WINNER – Best Feature Birmingham Film Festival

ANTIQUE – Short – 2021

Maia Young has been kidnapped. Her captor is toying with her – starving her then feeding her; leaving her alone for weeks then kidnapping someone else to keep her company…
But when Maia starts to get close to the new person, the captor responds by showing Maia the horrifying reason she was captured in the first place.

 Antique is a sci-fi short film about a future we hope will never come.

Starring Laura Rollins,

Produced by Warren Evans of Base Studios

Director of Photography Graeme Dunn

Written and directed by Ross Berkeley Simpson

A selection of some Films and TV Drama.  I have also shot second unit on films & TV, including SugarRush, Young Dracula, The Children, Justice, Doctors and more.

Sleeping Lions, Trailer  Dir David Barnes

BBC2 / Libra Television  15 mins

WINNER  RTS North Awards 2015

‘Best Production Craft’


Dir Lewis Arnold  15 mins

UK Film Council / SWM

Love at First Sight, Dir Mark Playne 15 mins


WINNER of many International Awards inc


Fargo Film Festival USA 2014,

Fabriano Film Festival, ITALY, 2015,

Miraj Film Festival, INDIA, 2016


The Gloaming

Dirs John Bradburn & Andy Paton

UK Film Council / SWM  25mins


Dear Frankie “Promenade Scene”

Dir Shona Auerbach

Pathe/ Miramax  104 mins

Camera Operator

Stepping Up

Dirs Julia Ford & Pauline Harris

LA Productions for BBC

5 pt TV Series for children

Other Short Films Include:

Ten Glorious Seconds – Dir Simon Pitts

Heaven on Earth – Dir Matthew Clyde

Blink – Dir Emily Young

Doorology – Dir Simon Pitts

Materialiser – Dir Warwick Banks